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Founded in 1953 by Réal Lesage, the company  became a family one in 1985 when its three sons joined the administration. 
In business since over 60 years we have built a solid reputation in all that concerns the production of cold. 
Our concern is always to prioritize customer service 24 hours a day throughout the province of Quebec.
As the field requires great skill the training of our staff is essential in our approach. 
Aware of the challenges of tomorrow regarding the environmental issues for future generations, 
we have established a leading partnership with LMP INC SYSTEM for CO2 systems that have no impact on 
the health of our planet.

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Employment Opportunities

We are always on the lookout for talented and ambitious employees who wish to fulfill their career aspirations by joining a team that will provide motivating challenges all the while contributing to our growth and success. Please apply on jobs at any time.