For more than sixty years, the company has been offering its services for everything related
 to the production of refrigeration. Our markets are retail, agri-food, refrigerated warehouse 
or any other process requiring cooling, our technicians are trained to take care of all kinds 
of systems; Refrigerant - CO2 - Ammonia - secondary fluids. Our service department covers the
regions of Montreal, Basses-Laurentides and Lanaudière, supported by a large fleet of service 
units and an emergency service seven days a week, enabling us to provide you with first-class 


At Lesage inc. We have more than sixty years of experience in the installation of refrigeration systems and 
refrigerated supermarket counters. Refrigerant, glycol, ammonia and CO2 are all refrigerants with which our 
technicians work daily. Our company is involved in the continuous training of its employees in order to keep them 
up to date with new technologies and make sure we give you the best servcie possible.


Lesage inc. has acquired years of experience in all types of refrigeration projects, of small or large scope. This has enabled our team to develop expertise in a variety of industries where cooling solutions are required, such as plastic production, food processing and storage.

Turnkey solutions

We offer turnkey solutions for the design and installation of entire systems, for the preparation of environmental subsidy applications, for the replacement of obsolete systems and for the elaboration of sustainable solutions.

Service Department

Our service department is at the heart of the business. Our 45 emergency units cover not only the greater Montreal area, but the Lower Laurentians and Mauricie regions as well. The emergency service is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.